Nirmal Softwares is a automation solution providing company that focused on developing high quality applications, macros, chrome extensions & RPA packages to make professional's lifes better. Our products provide innovative solutions for problems which cover a vast area primarily in GST related tasks and other accounting & allied tasks. We automate any and every workflow related to GST Accounting and other related accounting workflows in most competitive pricing. Workflow customisation for books data in comparison module also available at the most competitive price. For any other customisation please contact us.


Features and Pricing

INR 2100 / 6 Months

    Extension - GST accelerator

   Json Converting.

   Combining and merging macro.

   GSTR 2B Reconciliation and Comparison.

   Instruction manual and Specs required.

   Robotics Process automation (RPA) software.


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Robotics Process automation (RPA)

What is RPA?
RPA is the use of a software ‘robot’ (a program) that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system.

RPA and GST :
This product is first of its kind software service that helps to automate tedious GST related tasks. RPA is currently being used in major consulting firms such as Big 4s and companies as part of tax technology enablement. This is first of its kind effort to bring such sophisticated technology to users at large.

Other Common Uses
1. Opens, creates, and sends e-mails
2. Use of web to acquire data
3. Automatic login to any applications
4. Move, copy, paste or delete data and many more.